Actions To Sustain Motivation

After being motivated for years the client asked, “Doc, can you help me find my motivation again?” During the discussion I felt creative and we covered the following topics:

1. Start by waking up happy! Coffee is the desired morning beverage for this person so I suggested starting with new blends and fresh roasts. Look forward to a change in the morning routine that gets you excited for each new day. From that thought came other ideas that had them ready to get after it!

2. Learn to use positive self-talk! Tell yourself you can do whatever tasks you have to get accomplished. Tackle the big tasks first and then fill in with accomplishing smaller tasks. Getting after and accomplishing big tasks with fresh morning energy will motivate you to get daily details done faster and with focus. At the close of each day, remind yourself that you did it and can do it again!

3. Decide to look at problems as opportunities! Disappointments can become opportunities for new discoveries. Learn to view daily life with the inevitable unexpected and undesired twists as a gift from God… An opportunity to use your gifts, skills, and graces for Him, others, and yourself.

4. Concentrate your energy and intensity without distraction on the successful completion of your current, most important project! Review Point #1.

5. See something good in all your personal relationships and accentuate these! This should become top-of-mind-awareness everyday.

6. Learn to stay relaxed and friendly no matter how much tension you’re under!

7. Think and speak well of your personal health! Stop complaining about what you will not or cannot do anything about. Get into exercise…everyone can do something in this area. Do begin to eat healthy meals. Stay away from too much sugar (ugh) and go on a snack fast. Just stay away from them for awhile. Bottom line, thank God for the health you do have and petition Him for assistance in living healthily.

8. Expect the best from those around you! Compliment and thank others. Say encouraging words to everyone around you. Practice will help you do this.

9. This day, seek out and talk to someone currently doing what you want to do most! Although you may not get to do it due to certifications, requirements, training, degrees…you will make a new friend, feel good about the new awareness, and have better knowledge to share about “it” with others. I practice this every week even though I know I will not become a dentist, lawyer, cattleman, banker, real estate agent, investment broker, etc. It is fun and a great learning experience.

10. Remain optimistic by hanging around optimistic people!

11. Change your wardrobe and hairstyle!

12. Get your home, apartment, closets, kitchen, garage…all areas of your life organized a bit at a time!

13. Allow God to love you!

Dr. Stan Parker –


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